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ClientBound: Individually-researched and handwritten prospecting reports to help digital agencies win more business

Book more meetings and close more deals with your ideal prospects by going the extra mile with your research and prospecting 

How it works

1. Ramp up

We learn about your business and the problems your product solves. We then aggregate a list of your ideal customers + contact information, build a high-level prospecting process, the draft a base template to follow during our report-writing efforts.

2. Research and writing

We research and hand-write documents for each of your target prospects on how your agency can help their digital marketing efforts. These documents help you stand out with prospecting efforts and catch your prospect's attention.

3. Book meetings + Win Business

Prospects take meetings when you show how your team can help them accomplish their business initiatives.Send your custom documents to prospects via email and LinkedIn to book high-quality meetings and close more business. 

How it Works



Each document is hand-crafted based on our deep research of the prospect's current state and how you can help them. No automation, no AI, just expertly written documents that only a human can research and write.

Dedicated document writer

A ClientBound teammate learns about your business, then begins  researching, writing, and revising business case documents for your prospects. 

Well researched

Documents contain specific details about your prospect's business and what your team could help them achieve. We identify prospect's current challenges and link your service's offerings to their better future state.

Outstanding first impression

Send documents to prospects and watch meetings roll in. Your prospects will appreciate you writing a researched report on how you can help them achieve their business goals.

Precisely targeted

You tell us precisely what companies to target during onboarding. This helps us have a clear understanding of your ideal customer and focus on the exact companies and contacts you want to prospect into.

Cost effective

We help ensure you're dedicating time and energy to closing new business with your ideal customers and not having the team spend all your resources on in-depth prospecting.

Frequently asked questions

How does the onboarding and initial launch process work? 

Here's what we need to get started:

- Guidance on what type of information you would like in each document (we provide a short questionnaire)

- Case studies of current clients you would like to use as customer stories in your initial campaigns (this helps us find similar prospects)

After we have all the required information, we'll take a day to review your documents, learn about your business, and ask clarification questions. From there, we'll start with the top 100 prospect companies and associated decision maker contacts to target based on each of the provided case studies. After that, we begin creating and delivering your hand-crafted reports on a daily basis for your team to send out via email and LinkedIn, to start booking meetings with your ideal prospects.

When will I start seeing results?

You should start seeing positive replies and meetings with your ideal customers n the first week or two of sending documents with cold emails and LinkedIn messages. 


Each document costs anywhere from $20-50 each depending on the document's research complexity, required research time, and number of documents created.


Interested in learning more? Book time below:

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