Cold Email as a Service for B2B SaaS Startups and Consultants

Want to go outbound with your startup's sales motion in a cost-effective, data-driven, and scalable manner without bringing on more headcount? We can help!

Setting meetings from outbound email is hard. We help your team gather leads and supercharge your outbound cold email efforts by:

  • Properly warming up your sending domain and ensuring we can land in prospect's primary inbox without landing your emails in spam and hurting your sender reputation

  • Building lists of your top prospects in your ICP through lead research and contact information validation

  • Writing cold email campaigns and testing them frequently. We aim for 75%+ open rates, 2-6+% positive response rates, and <3% bounce rates from your campaigns.

  • Filling your top-of-funnel with meetings so all you have to do is handle meetings and talk with warm leads. We do this by A/B testing your email sequences and doing conversion rate optimization.  

Marty had the opportunity to see under the hood at some of the world's top SaaS organizations in their business development departments (InVision, Zendesk, etc.). He also has the unique perspective of being a startup founder and working for multiple startups and consultancies in business development roles. 

No magic 🪄 or wizardry 🧙 involved, just a ton of hard work. 

​We A/B test a new batch of leads in your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) each week and do all the work up until taking the meeting with prospects. Meeting and insights just pop onto your calendar like clockwork. Pretty neat! Here is how we would work together from here: 

1. Book a call with us for a free ICP assessment. We'll work on honing in the personas that would respond best to cold emails and be quality leads. 

2. We'll create a number of sequences that your team will approve, then we begin A/B testing these sequences out in the wild with batches of prospects. 

3. We use LinkedIn, list cleaning tools, and email validation tools to find your best prospects for sequencing. 

4. Each week, we get a fresh batch of emails out to prospects. With each new batch of emails comes new data and learnings about what messaging and value propositions are resonating with prospects.

5. We respond to prospect emails and set meetings for your team. This involves objection handling and answering prospect questions over email so all you have to do is take initial discovery calls. 

6. We send a weekly report of our campaign data and findings to you in a clear and concise email while working with your team to refine future messaging based off of previous data. 

Marty is truly the definition of a go-getter, and he consistently exceeds his goals. He embraces the growth mindset and constantly brings new creative ideas to the table. When he uncovers new methodologies that are working well, he goes out of his way to ensure all his team members can benefit from his learnings.

Emy Manuso, Marty's former manager at InVision

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Ready to supercharge your outbound emailing and stack your calendar full of meetings for the fraction of the price of hiring a full-time BDR?