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Call Coaching for Sales Managers

We provide your sales managers with the resources, training, and coaching they need to become top-tier call coaches. 

Why great call coaching is vital to your sales team's success:


Reps who receive continuous call coaching achieve between 7-37% higher quota achievement than reps who don't (CEB).


Sales reps that receive coaching exceed their goals by 7%, boost revenue by 25%, and increase the average close rate by 70% (CEB). 


Reps and managers stay at your company longer when they are provided continuous learning and development opportunities in their roles. This also helps you promote top reps and feel confident they're ready to succeed in their new positions. 


Providing top-tier call coaching is an amazing recruiting tool to attract top talent and set your sales organization apart from others.


Reduce rep turnover and lower recruiting, onboarding, and ramp-up costs by keeping reps longer and internally promoting teammates. 


Allow managers to be closer to the action with reps so they know where to focus their coaching time with each teammate. Each rep needs different types of coaching. 


Sales managers aren't usually taught how to run proper call reviews. This leads to poor rep and manager skill development and amplifies bad sales call habits across the entire organization.

We ensure your managers run impactful call review sessions with your reps by showing them what great sales calls sound like, coaching them on asking the right questions, and helping reps continuously improve on calls. 

How we help your managers become all-star call coaches:

1. We provide live training, coaching, and resources on call coaching best practices to help your managers internalize the proper ways to run call reviews. All sessions are recorded and always accessible by your managers for future reference.

2. We empower your managers to learn by example. We analyze manager's call review sessions with reps and help them understand where there is room for improvement in their call review process. 


3. Your managers receive unlimited access to a training database of best practices and coaching insights on running great call reviews. This way, your managers can pull out talk tracks, lines of questioning, and feedback snippets to implement with reps and continue learning throughout the year. 

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