BrokerCertify: SaaS broker audits and recommendations

We help SaaS companies looking to exit find the best broker to get them top dollar on their acquisition.

How it works

Jump on a call

Tell us about your goals for selling your SaaS business. We'll discuss things like intended selling price, timelines, unique circumstances, etc.

Narrow your options

Based on your exit goals, we recommend a handful of brokers from our network that have expertise in selling SaaS companies in your specific situation.

Connect with brokers

We set up conversation with you and the best brokers that can sell your SaaS for top dollar. Your team carries out the broker selection process and works with the team you think is the best fit.


Is this free?

Yep. All we're doing is chatting for an hour about your goals surrounding your acquisition goals.


Our conversation ensures you're exploring all addressable and reputable SaaS broker options on the market instead of flying blind and trying to pick the best broker yourself. 

How are you compensated?

If you end up working with a broker in our network, we might get a portion of the broker's fee after a successful acquisition occurs. Our fee structure is the exact same across all brokers we work with, so we're not any more or less incentivized to recommend one broker over another to your team.

How do you source your broker network?

We've thoroughly interviewed over 325 brokers (as of mid-2022) brokers who help SaaS companies exit.


Most of them get cut from the selection process due to lack of experience, not focused enough on SaaS acquisitions, poor track record, and many other reasons.


We only work with a small subset of brokers (around 58 as of mid-2022) who pass stringent criteria and have repeatedly "walked the walk".

What's your story? 

Why is hearing your recommendations better than trying to find the best broker myself?

Working with a brokerage that has good SEO when you Google "Sell my SaaS company" is not a good strategy to find the right broker who can sell your business for what it's worth. 

How many brokers do you work with?

Do I need to be thinking about selling right now to make our conversation worth it?