Customer Story Consulting

We help sales enablement teams give reps more relevant customer stories to use on prospect calls and within cold outreach. 


When sales reps tell relevant customer stories, more deals close. Why is getting reps to consistently articulate relevant and impactful customer stories (or any customer stories at all) on discovery/demo calls and within outbound messaging so difficult?


We created this offering after seeing the tremendous time and resource investments some enterprise orgs were putting into crafting customer stories, only to have the stories very rarely used by sales reps on calls or outbound messaging. 


 Our team acts as project managers to create an easily searchable arsenal of bite-sized customer stories that get used by the right reps at the right time. This enables your sales folks to quickly find the perfect customer story for their upcoming call or outbound messaging campaign, digest the information, then begin to finally tell more frequent and relevant customer stories to grow pipeline and close more deals. 


1. As your customer story project manager, we identify gaps in current customer story collateral. We need to ensure the right stories are available to reps that align with your company's long-tail of prospects. We fill in the gaps by building out mini customer stories in tandem with CS and your happy customers that line up with the prospect's situations your reps are selling into.


2. We socialize these new customer stories (and existing ones from marketing) to the right:


- BDRs: Help your BDRs create new hyper-targeted outbound campaign creation around similar customer stories to your prospect's current state. In each story, we cover how your team helped your current happy customer move from their previous state (where your target prospect is at) to a better future state with your software. This creates compelling reasons for prospects to respond to cold outreach and show you really understand their world in depth. Stop sending prospects generic case studies that aren't relevant to their business' current state. 

- AEs: Enable your AE's to frequently tell relevant customer stories on calls by letting them quickly find and synthesize the right customer stories during pre-call prep. During this prep, AEs will search through concise customer stories based on different criteria, then quickly digest and articulate stories during customer conversations to help close more business. Show your prospect your software has helped teams in their very specific situation. 


- CS: Arm your customer success teammates with stories to help prime their customers for upsell opportunities. This helps make the upsell process less icky by showing how other happy customers in your customer's situation grow their usage across your product suite, and sharing a great story creates a low friction way to kick off a new upsell/cross-sell evaluation. 

2. We work alongside your enablement team to provide playbooks, resources, and coaching on how your reps and CSMs can best leverage your new arsenal of customer stories and messaging campaigns on prospect calls, upsell conversations, outbound sequence messaging, etc. 

3. You'll receive a framework to help your team build out and leverage future customer stories that get used consistently by your sales team.

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