We help quota carriers at digital product agencies hit their numbers by providing a battle-tested framework to sell design system work.

What we do:

1. Help identify opportunities across your clients for potential design system engagements

2. Provide the templates, resources, and consulting to help your team go from proposal to closing an initial engagement

3. Put together a framework to systematically scale the selling and delivering of design system work across clients

Martin Kimmel

Martin worked with 140+ digital agencies in an enterprise sales role at InVision and helped them sell the value of design systems to clients.

Bryn Ray

Bryn worked with teams like American Express, Centrica, and Farfetch to help get organizational buy-in for design systems.


Learn more about Centrica's path to design system buy-in and buildout in Idean's Hack the Design System e-book (p. 163)

How we work with your team:

1. Do deep discovery across your client portfolio by working with stakeholders across management, pre-sales, and digital

2. Synthesize the information learned and augment our findings with our existing resources and frameworks to help build the best go-to-market engagement strategy that's best for your team

3. Implement, monitor, and refine the lifecycle of design system engagements alongside your teammates, from initial discovery and proof of value to post-sale implementation and selling follow-on work 


See how Bryn articulates the ROI of a design system here

Examples of agencies successfully selling design system engagements: