High-intent leads for software development firms

Companies hiring remote contract developers and the hiring decision maker's contact information sent to you on a daily basis.

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How it works

Why we built this

After working in business development at a digital product agency (Hardin Design and Development), we realized how difficult it is to find a consistent flow of good leads for software development services. Blasting out cold emails and LinkedIn requests is hit or miss at best, and relying on referrals or your network for new leads isn't the optimal business development strategy.


After leaving Hardin and working in a number of software business development roles, we set out to help other software development firms easily source the right companies and contacts that are actively hiring remote contract developers (and have budget).


This provides your firm with a constant lead flow of new prospects to pursue without your team wasting large amounts of time and resources reaching out to the wrong prospects who don't need your services.

Keep reading for more information on how we can help supercharge your firm's pipeline and business development efforts.


How many job positions are included in daily reports?

Between 20-50+ across companies hiring developers for a variety of positions / areas of expertise. This equates to 600-2000+ new contact developer jobs and hiring team's contact info sourced for you every month.

How quickly is the data turned around?

It takes us about 24-48 hours to accurately source the right contacts at the companies hiring and find the valid contact information for each contact. As an example - if a job is posted on March 1st, we'll get you all applicable data for these postings on March 2nd or 3rd. 

What is the ROI?

Landing one more long term client a year pays for your monthly subscription many times over (most projects sourced are for longer-term engagements and also signals the company is open to working with contract developers in a more expanded capacity).

This also saves your team hundreds of hours or prospecting and data mining every month. We have 10 teammates meticulously combing through job boards and sourcing contact information every day, so think of this as immediately hiring 10 more highly-trained lead generation specialists for 1/20th of the price. 

How can I get in contact with the team?

Please reach out to marty@owlvisionlabs.com!

Have more questions before signing up or want to chat with Marty? Book time below: