GemmySaaS: Effectively discover and personalize prospecting efforts into 110,000+ software companies

Unlock a treasure trove of new prospecting data and segmentation insights

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How it works

Why GemmySaaS Exists

Prospecting into software companies is difficult. If you search through company databases or data aggregators with traditional filters (searching for companies in the "Software" category), you'll get hit or miss results. Vast quantities of companies in these categories are misclassified and you have no idea what type of software you're reaching out to - this wastes your team's time and resources prospecting into non-target prospects while using generic messaging. 


GemmySaaS presents a treasure trove of companies for B2B firms to discover, prospect into, and write personalized outreach to the long-tail of misclassified SaaS companies that sneak under the radar of traditional prospecting databases. 

Imagine transforming your outbound messaging from "We're working with other software companies to improve results" to "We're helping other SMB file sharing software firms in the US like ACME achieve X results."

How much more pipeline and ARR could your team drive with more personalized messaging to tens of thousands of companies you've missed prospecting into?


How exactly is the data collected?

We have a team of 10+ lead researchers that scour a number of sources every day for new small software companies to add on a monthly basis. 

We visit hundreds of thousands of software company's websites and other official data sources and verify each SaaS company's details. We then extract all relevant company details and format this into export-friendly data sets for you to leverage in outreach immediately. 

How can I get started with using the data?

All data is ready to be imported into your CRM, prospecting, or sales/email automation tool. You can also find adjacent contacts for every company on LinkedIn or use this data in account based marketing campaigns. 

Are there lifetime updates?

Yes. The GemmySaaS data access price increases each month according to how many new software companies and contacts are added to the dataset. Lock in your lifetime access to all future data with your one-time purchase and you'll be able to access all future data free of charge.


What data is included?

  1. Company Name

  2. Company Description

  3. Company Subcategory (500+ subcategories)

  4. Company Website

  5. Company LinkedIn Profile

  6. Company Size (Number of employees)

  7. Company HQ Location (city, country)

  8. Third-party data URLs 

What is the ROI of purchasing GemmySaaS?

Landing one more good customer from GemmySaaS data pays for your lifetime subscription many times over.

How often is the data updated?

We clean all companies on a monthly basis and remove all data that are no longer valid (usually because the company went out of business). This helps ensure you're importing the most up-to-date information when you're using various subsets of the data.

How can I get in contact with the team?

Please reach out to!

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