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Growth Consulting for Seed and Series A B2B SaaS startups

"I can't recommend Marty enough to any organization that wants to see their sales skyrocket."

Matthew Lee, Sales Director at Medallia

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Hi, I'm Marty. Nice to meet you!


The Growth Consulting offering was born from working as an Account Executive at early stage SaaS companies and consulting various early stage startups on their go-to market strategies.


With a consistent track record of exceeding quotas in full-cycle AE roles in a few B2B SaaS niches, I saw this gap could be filled by providing growth consulting services to a couple startups at a time in the domains where I have deep industry expertise. This frees up founders like you to focus on other areas of your business and not be consistently tied to running your entire sales department while wearing 100 other hats. 


Please keep reading to see if we might be a fit to potentially work together! 


Who I work with:

  • Seed and Series A B2B SaaS Startups

  • Startups that have 0 or 1 New Business Account Executives based in North America and are looking to expand their North American footprint and strategies

  • Startups with ACVs less than $50K (on average) for initial new business deals

  • Sales cycles less than 4 months (on average) from initial conversation to close

Criteria for a successful working relationship together:

  • Have some initial product-market fit and can clearly articulate your ideal company and buyer personas

  • Your startup has some sort of sales process and procedures in place that's yielded some success. To phrase this differently, you're not looking to have your entire go-to market engine built from scratch, but looking for helps in filling in the cracks. I'm happy to provide feedback on your outbound marketing engine, discovery call talk track, or anything else you'd like another set of eyes on! 

  • You or your team have a few hours a week to aggregate resources and help with training during the first few weeks of working together​​

"Marty is truly the definition of a go-getter, and he consistently exceeds expectations."

Emy Manuso, Sales Development Leader at Remote

  • What do typical engagements look like?
    Weeks 1-3: Onboarding and familiarization with the product, listening to past sales calls (if possible), learning your tool stack and processes, mock demos/discovery calls with product knowledge Weeks 3+: Begin helping on the account executive front and providing sales process feedback
  • How would we communicate on a daily basis?
    We can use your preferred chat, video, and voice applications for our discussions along with status reports/stand-ups as frequently as your team would like.
  • What do we need to set up for you before we get started?
    A company email address and licenses to any other tools used in your sales process.
  • Will you use the tools and workflows we already use?
  • What is your availability for calls during the week?
    During most weeks, I'll be available from 8 AM - 6 PM CST Mondays through Fridays for both internal and customer-facing calls.

Want to chat more about taking your startup's growth efforts to the next level? Book time below to chat!

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