HoneBDR: Cold Email as-a-Service

We help B2B SaaS startups book more discovery calls and land more customers with highly targeted and relevant outbound email campaigns.

"I can't recommend Marty enough to any organization that wants to see their sales skyrocket."

Matthew Lee, Sales Director at Medallia

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We help your team book prospect meetings by:

  • Refining your ideal company and buyer profiles

  • Writing personalized cold email campaigns based on prospect's job titles / industries / use cases

  • Testing messaging frequently. We aim for 70%+ opens, 2-6+% positive response rates, and <3% bounce rates

  • Filling your calendar so all you do is take meetings and talk with new prospects

No magic or wizardry involved, just a ton of hard work. 

​Here's what the process looks like moving forward:

1. Book a call to see if working together makes sense.

2. If we decide to move forward, we'll refine your ideal customer profiles, set up your sending infrastructure, and begin creating a number of sequences that your team will approve.

3. We use a variety of methods to source and validate prospect data while ensuring each email is properly targeted to the right prospects.

4. Emails go out to prospects on a well-timed sending schedule.

5. Prospects respond to emails and your calendar starts filling with new conversations. 


6. We give you full access to campaign metrics while we refine future messaging based on sequence data. 

"Marty is truly the definition of a go-getter, and he consistently exceeds expectations. He embraces the growth mindset and constantly brings new creative ideas to the table. When he uncovers new methodologies that are working well, he ensures everyone can benefit from his learnings."

Emy Manuso, Sales Development Leader at Remote


Ready to stack your calendar with new prospect conversations?