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OwlVision: Cold outreach and growth consulting for startups

We help SaaS startups optimize their cold email and growth infrastructure so they can win more customers.

"I can't recommend Marty enough to any organization that wants to see their sales skyrocket."

Matthew Lee, Sales Director at Medallia

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We help your team:​​

  • Set up your email deliverability infrastructure to achieve world-class cold email open rates. Over 33 different variables contribute to great open rates (75% and above in most cases), and we help you identify and configure them all correctly. Nothing else matters if your email doesn't land in your prospect's primary inbox.

  • Edit and optimize on your email and growth channel copy to achieve higher reply rates.

  • Review the intricacies of your growth strategies across channels (SEO, SEM, content, etc.) so your inbound and outbound strategies are aligned. We help you piece all the puzzle pieces together to drive more pipeline and close more deals.​​

Results after 45-60 days of working together:

  • Receive a minimum 65% open rates across all cold email campaigns, will likely be 75%+ and boost your positive reply rate between 50-200%+ compared to your current response rates

  • Leverage best practices for:

    • Growth channel alignment​

    • Ensuring your inbound traffic is driving qualified leads

    • Enabling your outbound traffic to be driven by intent and data

  • Have a personalized playbook to follow moving forward

"Marty is truly the definition of a go-getter, and he consistently exceeds expectations."

Emy Manuso, Sales Development Leader at Remote


Ready to take your team's growth efforts to the next level?

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