Personalized First Lines as a Service

Hand crafted personalization for every cold email your team sends

"I can't recommend OwlVision enough to any organization that wants to see their sales skyrocket."

Matthew Lee, Sales Director at Medallia

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Researching and writing personalized first lines for prospects takes a looooong time. It also takes your team away from higher ROI activities. 🕰️


It's tempting to skip personalization, but with your prospects receiving more cold email than ever, it's very important your message stands out in their inbox. Personalization is the way to do this. ✉️✉️✉️🦄✉️✉️✉️


We help take email personalization off your plate and deliver personalized lines that are neatly packaged to use in your sequences. Most clients see between a 2-5x increase in cold email response rates 🥳​​

How would this work? 

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 🙋 If we decide to work together, you'll send over a list of prospects needing personalized lines

📝 Our team gets to work crafting thoughtful first lines

✅ Your team receives the output on a weekly basis to use in your cadences

"Marty is truly the definition of a go-getter, and he consistently exceeds expectations. He embraces the growth mindset and constantly brings new creative ideas to the table. When he uncovers new methodologies that are working well, he ensures everyone can benefit from his learnings."

Emy Manuso, Sales Development Leader at Remote


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