SaaSDig: 250,000+ manually researched SaaS companies with Founder/CEO contact information

How it works

Why SaaSDig Exists

Prospecting into small and medium-sized software companies at scale is difficult. The majority of software companies aren't categorized as "Software" on LinkedIn and in traditional prospecting databases, so you're missing out on prospecting into many thousands of companies in your addressable market.


SaaSDig presents a treasure trove of companies for B2B firms to discover, prospect into, and write personalized outreach to the long-tail of misclassified SaaS companies that sneak under the radar of traditional prospecting sources.

Traditional lead databases (Crunchbase, Apollo, Sales Nav, etc.)


Data updated quarterly or annually 


Inaccurate and sourced via web scraping


Difficult to use for outreach out-of-the-box


Poor industry-specific category labelling 


Not sortable


No changelog for output revisions


Includes (and excludes) hundreds of thousands of miscategorized companies



Companies and contacts updated monthly


99% accurate and sourced by hand from real humans


Export and use in your prospecting workflow in minutes


100+ industry subcategories


Sortable by 15+ company and contact-specific filters


Weekly changelog of all new SaaS firms added


Every single company is triple checked to ensure they provide a SaaS offering 


How exactly is the output collected?

We have a large team of lead researchers that scour a number of sources every day for new small software companies.

We visit hundreds of thousands of software company's websites and other official data sources and verify each SaaS company's details to curate this output. We then extract all relevant CEO/Founder contact information and format this into export-friendly output for you to leverage in outreach immediately. 

How can I get started with using SaaSDig?

All data is ready to be imported into your CRM, prospecting, or sales/email automation tool. You can also find adjacent contacts for every company on LinkedIn or use this data in account based marketing campaigns. 


What pieces of information is included?

  1. Company Name

  2. Number of employees

  3. Company Description

  4. Company Industry (500+ subcategories)

  5. Company Website

  6. Company LinkedIn Profile

  7. Company Size (Number of employees)

  8. Company HQ Location (city, state, country)

  9. Total funding (and latest funding round + date)

  10. Annual revenue

  11. Company funding (if applicable)

  12. Third-party data URLs

  13. CEO/Founder name

  14. CEO/Founder valid email address

  15. CEO/Founder LinkedIn profile

How does SaaSDig compare to traditional prospecting databases?

Please see the chart above for a direct comparison between SaaSDig and the tools you're probably already using. SaaSDig is meant to be used in tandem with your other tooling as a supplementary resource to cover all the SaaS companies your current prospecting database missed. 

How often is SaaSDig updated?

We add hundreds of newly discovered companies and contacts to SaaSDig each week (that you can see in a weekly changelog) and we clean all companies on a monthly basis. We remove all companies and contacts that are no longer valid. This helps ensure you're using the most up-to-date information when you're using the output.

How can I get in contact with the team?

Please reach out to!

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