StartupRecruiter: Prospecting output on tech startups hiring remotely

Curated job postings and hiring decision makers sent daily

How it works

Aggregate company details

We scan thousands of job boards + company websites daily and manually filter through postings. We pinpoint funded tech startups (mostly U.S. working hours) that posted remote jobs in the last day.

Prospect output comes next

We find multiple employees responsible for hiring/HR initiatives based on each position's category. These prospects are usually the Head of Talent/HR, a CXO title, and  VP/Director(s) of the job category's department. We include the employee's email and LinkedIn URL for every posting along with other sources of key information (company funding, etc.).

Report sent to you

We compile all new postings and employee contact output on a daily basis and send it to you. This way, you can easily pull this into your CRM or outreach tool of choice for business development efforts. This makes it easy to hyper-personalize your outreach based on 12+ fields and crack open consistent new business conversations. 


How many job postings are included in daily reports?

Many hundreds (sometimes thousands) of postings a day are curated across Software Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Design, Product, Operations, Project Management, Executive hires, and a handful of other positions.

How fresh are the company/contact details on each report?

It takes 24 hours to source new job postings and find valid contact information for the appropriate hiring decision makers from the previous day. A new report is sent every weekday.

How will StartupRecruiter supplement the way my team prospects?

We have dozens of teammates manually filtering through new job postings every day to sift out the junk and surface a goldmine of hard-to-find output.


This helps your team engage with significantly more high-intent prospects that are likely being missed. Start focusing on the right companies with A+ hiring signals and spend more time on personalized prospecting activities that book meetings.