WarmIntro: Leverage your customer's networks for warm introductions to new agency clients

How it works

Aggregate customer details

We work together to help you create a list of your happy customers and their closest connections on LinkedIn.

Monitor careers

We monitor your client connection's career sites for roles your team specializes in filling. 

Receive intros

Receive a warm intro from your customer to new prospects in their network and land new clients. 


How will WarmIntro help my agency land more customers?

Leveraging your happy customers and their extended network are a great way to predictably close new business. We help amplify your team's network by leveraging your happy clients for new introductions to other firms in their networks. These introductions come with great recommendations of your team and increase the chances of you winning new business from your warm introductions.


How many warm connections do you monitor at once?

We start with monitoring at least 1,000 individual websites of your customer's closest connections in your target client profiles. This lets you focus on making the right introductions to the best-fitting prospects and companies that are actively hiring for roles you fill in your client's networks. 

How quickly are hiring signals identified?

It takes 24 hours to source new job postings. If you'd like, we'll also find valid contact information for the appropriate hiring decision makers from each company so you can ask for an introduction to the right people on the team. An updated report with postings is sent every weekday for your team to analyze.

How do you find information for each report?

We have dozens of teammates manually filtering through new job postings from your target company sites. They sift out the junk and surface the jobs and roles that are in your wheelhouse. 

How should I best use the reports to my benefit?

You'll be the best person to decide when to engage a happy customer and ask for a reference. It will be your decision on how many warm introductions you ask of each current customer within a given time frame, as this will largely be based on your relationship with each client.

Can I change or add the amount of the tracked companies on a monthly basis?

Of course, just let us know which companies you'd like to add or edit and we'll adjust accordingly.

What types of results should my team expect?

The amount of introductions you'll receive each month will depend on the amount of current clients you'd like to monitor and your relationships with them. You should expect between 2-10+ new prospect conversations monthly in your target profile if you're monitoring at least 1,000 sites across 5+ of your happy client's networks. 

How do I learn more?

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